Per Ola Kristensson

Lecturer @ University of Cambridge

Solution Principles for Next-Generation Text Entry

Text entry is a common everyday computing task. However, despite its ubiquitousness, it is difficult to devise an efficient text entry method that users are willing to adopt. This talk will explain the narrow design space of text entry research and make the case that successful next-generation text entry methods are likely to be based on designs that merge behavioral solution principles with information engineering techniques. I will exemplify this idea with several new text entry methods we have developed for a variety of use-cases.

About Speaker

Per Ola Kristensson,  is a University Lecturer in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. He is interested in designing intelligent interactive systems that enable people to be more creative, expressive and satisfied in their daily lives.

His Ph.D. thesis was on gesture keyboard technology for touchscreens and in 2007 he co-founded ShapeWriter, Inc. to commercialize this technology. He was the Director of Engineering of this company until it was acquired by Nuance Communications in 2010.