Amit Nanavati

Senior Researcher @ IBM Research

HCI in Indian Context

In this talk, we will explore HCI in the Indian Context – examples, unique opportunities and challenges. An alternative title of the talk could have been “How to create interfaces for a cricket-crazy, mobile-friendly, largely social, textually illiterate nation with so many languages?” I will also talk about my uncle and the challenge of creating an interface for him.

About Speaker

Amit A. Nanavati is a Senior Technical Lead for Cognitive Automation Solutions at IBM. He joined IBM Research India in 2000 and has worked on projects in data mining, mobile, and telecom. He has been working in the area of social network analysis and he considers himself to be a “Spoken Web” evangelist — trying to promote the vision of a worldwide Spoken Web-hosted on the Telecom network, which does not require an Internet connection or the ability to read and write. He managed the Telecom Solutions Research group which won Research Division Awards for their work on Social Network Analysis and the Spoken Web projects.

Amit was named a Master Inventor in 2011¬†and became a member of the IBM Academy of Technology in 2013. He co-organised the SiMPE Workshop at ACM MobileHCI for 10 years. He co-authored a book on “Speech in Mobile and Pervasive Environments” published by John Wiley, the UK in 2012. He has over 35 US patents granted and over 50 publications. He became an ACM Distinguished Speaker in 2014, and an ACM Distinguished Scientist in 2015.

Prior to joining IBM, he worked for Netscape in California, after completing his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Louisiana State University. During his Ph.D., he interned at the Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA) in Pasadena.