Bruce Balentine

Chief Scientist @ Enterprise Integration Group, USA

The Future of Voice: Two Trajectories

The human voice as a user interface modality has shown promise for many years. Today there is great excitement that neural networks, deep learning, artificial intelligence and big data will finally allow that promise to be fulfilled. In this talk, I reconsider speech and language technologies in this modern light. How important is speech? How is that importance changed by the explosion of mobile devices? How dependent is human conversation on consciousness and theory of mind? How does a speech interface improve lives in developing countries? Where is it all headed? In my opinion, there are two likely trajectories.

About Speaker

Bruce Balentine, Chief Scientist for Enterprise Integration Group, has devoted more than 30 years to exploring HCI and temporal media. Experienced in theoretical and applied product design, and consumed by a lifelong passion for the human voice and human hearing, Balentine creates interfaces that exploit speech recognition and synthesis, language, sonification, music and gesture. He has authored several books on speech technologies. Now in semi-retirement, Balentine has replaced product design with a preference for education, mentoring, and workshop facilitation. He holds BM and MM degrees in music composition from the University of North Texas, with interdisciplinary studies in electroacoustic music and intermedia.