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Call for Job Fair @ India HCI 2016

India HCI is a premier Indian conference attracting a few hundreds of designers, both researchers and practitioners every year. This offers a unique opportunity to the Industry to actively engage with a large pool of talented designers at a single platform.
Conversely, it also allows designers and HCI professionals to connect with a large number of organizations with a focus on design. Designers and HCI professionals can use this opportunity to network with their peers, be exposed to spectrum of choices, which they were not aware of and make their organization more known by playing an “inside-out” role.
The job fair will allow organizations to connect and engage with a niche community in India and showcase the opportunities with them to a focused group. For the job seekers, it will open their eyes to more choices and after holding initial conversations at the event and explore the possibilities in an informal setting, they can continue with the next steps offline.

  • Those organizations who are sponsors of the conference can use this opportunity as an extra no-cost benefit to showcase their capabilities and increase awareness of the choices/opportunities they offer.
  • Those organizations which are sponsoring 3 or more delegates to the conference can also have their exhibits at no cost.
  • Other organizations could use this wonderful opportunity to engage with such a large Designer base at nominal charge of INR 20,000/- only.

As an exhibitor, the participating organizations would be able to utilize a full day connect opportunity on 8th December, the second day of the conference.

  • They could network with potential candidates either across the table in booths available to them or over a cup of chai or lunch or while taking a walk in the wonderful environments of IITB.

While organizations are encouraged to be part of the entire duration of the conference, they can also schedule themselves primarily for the main Job Fair event which will be held on the 8th of December 2016.

Co-Chairs: Pankaj Doke & Ashish Ganu



Registration Link for Companies 

Job Fair FAQ's

Designers today specialize in various skills such as Information Visualisation, Information Architecture, User Studies, Design Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design etc. The concept of a Designer unicorn or a Designer swiss knife is not sustainable with the increasing complexity of the field.
Engaging with designers in such a skill-based dialogue rather than seeking an all-in-one can result in a more mutually beneficial and satisfying relationship. The Job Fair will include a workshop that will look at how to make this possible by using a language in sync with the contemporary design scenario. This could also benefit the Organisation by moving up the value chain into Consulting for Design than the current status quo.

FAQ for Organisations:

How do I register
  •  If you are
  •  A sponsor, then you are eligible without paying additional fees and shall get a mail from the team informing about your entitlement to have a booth
  • An organization that has sponsored at least three delegates, you are eligible without additional payment and all of them will get a mail about entitlement for a booth.
  • An individual registered for the conference, you are free to interact with the participating organizations without any restrictions.
  • None of the above, you can participate as an organization in the job fair by paying INR 20,000/- by RTGS (details below).
Will all organizations who shall apply get a booth
  • No. This is a first come first served opportunity . Though we will try our best to accommodate as many as we can, we cannot guarantee every request a place.
When shall the call close
  • The call shall close as soon as we fill up the requests. Hence, the earlier you try, the better.
Can you share the details of the infrastructure
  • We shall share the details of the infrastructure, but, you shall have WiFi, Chairs, Table with individual booth spaces.
What do I get in the Job Fair
  • As an organisation participating in the job fair, you will be able to set up a booth to familiarise visitors with your organisation and opportunities there. You will get to present to candidates in the “Pecha Kucha” sessions and mingle with them in an informal manner during the day. You will also be able to attend a workshop about better UX hiring.
What are the details of the workshop
  •  We shall have a session where people from Industry and candidates articulate their views on hiring and jobs in the field. This will be followed by sessions by experts on how the same dialogues could be articulated in a common language for better hiring outcomes. More details will be shared soon.
 What is the schedule of the day?
  • The job fair is on the 8th December 2016, the second day of the conference.The detailed schedule will be announced on India HCI website soon. Broadly, we shall have Key Talk, followed by Pecha Kucha ( sessions by the participating organizations. Thereafter the floor is open for contact sessions with candidates. The workshop will tentatively be held after the tea break.