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Call for Submissions

Completed an awesome UX project?
You should share it with fellow UX Professionals.

UX designers and User researchers working in variety of organizations, have to create their own versions of design / research processes to suit their project needs. The objective of this case study is documenting and sharing instances of project of design/research projects, for the benefit of other professionals.

Purpose of this track is to document and share how design/research happens in variety of professional organizations / environments, like consulting, product organizations, Government / NGO. Participants  also pick up specific vertical type of industry, Banking, manufacturing etc.

Who is Eligible ?

Any professional working in the field of design and research.


Submission Format

ACM case studies format


Co-Chairs: Atul Manohar & Ishneet Grover

Paper Submission Deadline:   September 23, 2016

Final Notification:     September 30, 2016

Camera-Ready:     October 15, 2016  

Proceedings:     ACM

Email Id:

Submission Guidelines


Your initial submission will consist of a extended abstract (max 6 pages) with list of references. The work must be unpublished and the authors should own copyright of all material that they submit. The abstract should detail out the final outcome and methodology used for the project. For the process of the review, the abstract should be anonymised (i.e. all references to the authors, their institutes or their locations must be removed).

Submission for this track must be made through the easychair conference management system. For detailed instruction please refer (submission link)Submissions must be blinded for the review.

Submissions will be reviewed by experienced peer professionals in the industry. Selected submissions will be archived in the ACM Digital Library.



Post acceptance, the final presentation to be used during the conference should be submitted as per the dates mentioned above. The presentation should cover the project details like project objective, stakeholders involved, project timelines along with details about the methodologies used and the final outcome of the project. It will be a good idea to share the challenges faced during the project and the learning from the same.


Formatting Instructions

  • Font Types and Font Sizes, Margins, Author Keywords
  • ACM classification keywords (These are essential. Please take care of their format. They can be decided upon from here


  • ACM copyright/license statement (This is will be needed in the Camera Ready version. It is an absolutely must. This will be sent via e mail to you when your paper is accepted)


  • One paper could be re-submitted many number of times before the last date for submission. At the time of the first submission, a submission number would be assigned automatically (This number is visible in the menu of EasyChair interface.)


  • A given paper should be re-submitted using the same submission number (Re-submissions could be done using a link – “Submit a New Version” – provided in the EasyChair interface.)bbrbrbrbrbrb


  • A given paper should be re-submitted using the same submission number (Re-submissions could be done using a link – “Submit a New Version” – provided in the EasyChair interface.)


  • Many authors, instead of doing that, submit again right from the scratch resulting in a new submission number. Please avoid doing that because it will create parallel versions (of a single paper) which are difficult to deal with.


  • The title of the paper should be decided once. Even a small difference between the title on EasyChair, in the final version of the paper and the Copyright Form (which will be asked to be filled up after the acceptance of the paper) increases the chances of a paper not making to the conference proceedings.


  • Please do not add authors in the paper after the due date is over. The authors’ names should be the same in the paper as well as in the Copyright Form (which will be available later) Any questions (please do cite your submission number and the title) regarding formatting and uploading of submissions should be directed to Proceedings Chair Mail ID

Process of Submission

  • Please login to easy chair here.
  • If you do not have an easy chair account, please create one and login.
  • Click on “New Submission” menu and select your track.
  • Subsequent screens will guide you through your submission.