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Late Registrations for Workshops / Courses and Conference. | 7th,8th and 9th December 2016

Registrations for Workshops / Courses  |  7th December 2016 (Day 01 only)


India HCI 2016

The next episode of India's leading conference on human-computer interaction, IndiaHCI will be hosted in IIT Bombay, Mumbai from 7th to 9th December 2016.

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Student Design Consortium

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Case Studies

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India HCI Cafe

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Jobs Fair


Startup Track

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Inspirational talks from the leaders within the HCI and Experience Design community.


Per Ola Kristensson

University of Cambridge


Amit Nanavati

IBM Research


Jan Gulliksen

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


Jhumkee Iyengar

User in Design


Bruce Balentine

Enterprise Integration Group, USA


Tentative schedule of the conference.

Time Schedule
8:00 A.M. Registration opens
9:00 A.M. Workshops and courses (IDC)
11:00 A.M. Tea Break
11:30 A.M. Workshops and courses (IDC)
12:50 P.M. Lunch Break
2:00 P.M. Workshops and courses (IDC)
3:45 P.M. Tea Break
4:15 P.M. Opening plenary and Keynote 1: Per Ola Kristensson
6:00 P.M. Chat and networking session
7:00 P.M. Workshop – Dreamcatcher : Capture Apps by Adobe by Prabhat Mahapatra,
Time Schedule
8:00 A.M. Registration opens
8:30 A.M. Keynote 2: Amit Nanavati
9:40 A.M. Session 1a: Emergent users Session 1b: Job fair introduction
11:00 A.M. Tea Break
11:30 A.M. Session 2a: Poster summaries Session 2b: Case Studies
12:50 P.M. Lunch Break
2:00 P.M. Session 3a: SDC1 Session 3b Panel: HCI & Gender
3:20 P.M. Tea Break
3:50 P.M. Keynote 3: Jan Gulliksen
5:00 P.M. Campus walk Competition presentation
7:00 P.M. Conference Dinner
Time Schedule
8:00 A.M. Registration opens
8:30 A.M. Keynote 4: Jhumkee Iyengar
9:40 A.M. Session 4a: Accessibility and gestures Session 4b HCI Cafe 1: Design and Design Thinking
11:00 A.M. Tea Break
11:30 A.M. Session 5a: Modelling and understanding Session 5b HCI Cafe 2: Wearable and screenless interaction
12:50 P.M. Lunch and competition evaluation
2:00 P.M. Session 6a: SDC2 Session 6b HCI Cafe 3: Short talks
3:20 P.M. Tea Break
3:50 P.M. Keynote 5: Bruce Balentine
5:00 P.M. Closing plenary

Detailed schedule of the India HCI 2016 Conference


India HCI 2016 will have several workshops and courses. Workshops are collaborative activities, where you will work with like-minded colleagues on a specific topic of mutual interest. Workshops and Courses will be organised on 7th December 2016.

Workshops 1 – HCI in Healthcare

A one day workshop on  HCI In HealthCare.

NASSCOM has recently stated that ‘Indian Healthcare IT is now a $1 billion market’. Despite the huge market size, there is poor adoption of available HealthCare IT products by HealthCare professionals. Information Technology is yet to penetrate HealthCare industry effectively to the extent that it can influence quality of care. The “HCI in HealthCare” workshop will look at existing challenges faced by HealthCare providers in India and how to improve their IT adoption.

Workshop Facilitators – Prajesh Radhamani, Prachi Sakhardande, Pankaj Doke,  Priya Aswath &  Sanjay Tripathi

Venue: IDC Auditorium

Workshops 2 – Microinteractions Toolkit for UI/UX Designers

Microinteractions are commonly defined as the smallest unit of user interaction boiled down to a single use case. A key takeaway of the workshop will be the microinterations toolkit (which is not publicly available) and the hands on experience in using it.

Workshop Facilitators – Venkatesh Rajamanickam & Ruchi Ookalkar

Venue: IDC Jr. B.Des Classroom

Workshops 3 – Kick Starter Journeys: Ideas to Products for Startups

The journey of ideas to marketable products/ services is complex and unpredictable. This workshop will help identify and enhance the value that ‘Design’ brings on to the table. We are inviting individuals with start-up mindset or Startup groups to participate in the workshop. Participants will get a taste of Ideal design process followed by IT product companies. And also learn how design and user research can help in this journey.

Workshop Facilitator – Atul Manohar

Venue: IDC Conference Room 1

Workshop –  Dreamcatcher : Capture Apps by Adobe

“Capture inspiration around you with your mobile devices and turn it into an asset you can use in your creative projects.”

  • Introduction to Adobe’s capture apps and learning to extract design assets such as colors, patterns, brushes and shapes from it.
  • Introduction to use of the captured assets in all your favorite desktop and mobile apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Draw, and Sketch.
  • Participants can try out the capture apps on their own devices or Adobe’s sample devices.
  • Discussions around further possibilities of capture apps and the design work

This workshop will be hosted in IDC Auditorium from 7 PM to 8.30 PM on Wednesday, 7 Dec 2016

Workshop Facilitator – Prabhat Mahapatra

Venue – IDC Auditorium

Course 1 –  Ethnographic Methods: Theory and Praxis

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce, consolidate and discuss the role of the ethnographic method in Human – Computer Interaction [HCI] research. The course will provide a unique opportunity to familiarize with the conceptual frameworks of ethnography as a key method in unraveling the human facets of technology adoption with a focus on end user experience.

Course Instructors – Nimmi Rangaswamy & Rama Vennelakanti

Venue: LT 104

 Course 2 – An Introduction to Eye Tracking

This short course offers an exclusive perspective of using the eye tracking in design and web usability, along with an outline on the basic yet critical canons of human perception that dominate visual decisions.

Course Instructor – Susmita Sharma & Parag Amodkar

Venue: IDC Ergonomic Lab

Course 3 – Design Thinking for Solving Business Problems

Design Thinking finds its roots in Empathy; the element which puts us in our customers’ shoes; it delves deeper into how people feel, think and act.  It is an approach to problem-solving that uses empathy, ideation, prototyping, and experimentation to find solutions for real-life problems.

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of Design Thinking. It will focus on key concepts, methods and primary tools used in Design Thinking.

Course Instructors – Rashmi Sethi & Manish Kori

Venue: L3 302

Course 4 – Itinerative Design: a hands-on course

Users, stakeholders, and domain experts are geographically dispersed, have different literacies and speak different languages? At the Future Interaction Technology Lab ( we have developed a method to address this challenge. We call it Itinerative Design

During this hands-on course, we present materials and stage similar exercises from a series of workshops we held in Mumbai, Nairobi, and Cape Town.

Course Instructors – Matt Jones, Simon Robinson, Jennifer Pearson & Thomas Reitmaier

Venue: IDC Sr. B.Des Classroom

Course 5 – Designing Interaction for Flexible & Deformable Displays

Touch screen interfaces are widely adopted for existing handheld devices. Despite its wide adoption and its ability support wide variety of applications, it still possesses major limitations. Recent technological development in deformable and flexible electronics motivates to think beyond the use of rigid materials for computers and computing devices.

This course will walk you through the possibilities of using deformation as a novel and natural input interaction technique. We will also learn theoretical methods to design novel and natural input interaction techniques for future flexible and deformable devices.

Course Instructor – Keyur Sorathia & Aditi Singh

Venue: LT 105

Course 6 – Improving Service Experiences by Design

This course will introduce participants to Design thinking and Co-creation methods.

The course will include customer journey mapping as an innovation tool which helps identify weak points in the organization’s service/product offering. We will also be sharing our learnings, anecdotes, and examples of work which we have done for our customers.

Participants should be able to identify problems, prioritize them and create a crude roadmap to overcome key barriers in their service experience.

Course Instructor – Ruchin Shah, Shantanu Kulkarni & Vaibhav Bakhshi

Venue: LT 106


IDC School of Design,

Indian Institute of Technology,
Powai, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400076,

IIT Bombay Campus Map

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Accommodation is not included in the registration cost. However, we have set up an Accommodation Help Desk to help people find accommodation near the campus. Options near IITB campus start around Rs. 1500 per night for shared accommodation, and can go up to Rs. 8000 per night in some of the best hotels. 


If you need help with accommodation, please send an email to telling us about the following information:

– Your name
– Phone number
– Arrival and departure date
– Budget range
– Whether you need single or shared accommodation”


Ministry Clearances for India HCI 2016 Conference

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